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Son blames NHS for his Dad's death

The Princess of Wales Hospital faces yet more criticism over patient care after a man claimed his father endured “a fortnight from hell”.

The son of an 84 year old man who died shortly after being transferred to the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, was left devastated and angry.

The man’s father was admitted to the Princess of Wales hospital with suspected shingles and needed dialysis which the son claimed had to be performed by himself due to lack of staff. He is blaming NHS cuts for his father’s poor medical care: “One nurse said she didn’t know what she was doing regarding dialysis. … Cuts and a lack of adequate training are partly to blame.”

An Abertawe University Health Board spokesperson said: “We have admitted liability and have agreed a settlement.”

However the son feels:”The money doesn’t matter. We feel if he had been properly treated from the word go he would still be with us today.”

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