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Soldier praised for helping at road accident scene

A soldier has been praised for his quick thinking when he stopped to help at the scene of an accident, six years after being involved in a motorbike accident himself.

The man used his military training to divert traffic around the incident and helped an air ambulance leave the scene of the crash which happened on Glasgow Road.

The soldier was involved in a road traffic accident in 2006 which left him unable to return to front line work after he had served in Iraq.

“I was leaving the TA centre on Latta Street after attending a remembrance service,” he told press.

“I was going past Dumbuck House Hotel and I saw the crash happen. I pulled over on my motorbike straight away.

“People were giving the man first aid and I started trying to control the traffic in both ways.

“There was traffic trying to get up both ways where the road was blocked. Something had to be done because the emergency services wouldn’t have got through.”

He said that the good natured people that helped him when he came off his bike in 2006 inspired him to help out at this accident.

“I was in a bad motorbike accident myself a few years back and there were people there helping me. I was just trying to give a little bit back.”

A spokesperson from Thorneycroft Solicitors’ Personal Injury team said, “This is a great example of man helping man, and its a real testament to the soldier that he stopped to help.”

“We hope that this story serves as example to anyone that witnesses an accident. Every little helps.”

The spokesman also reminded drivers that compensation can be awarded to those involved in accidents that weren’t there fault.

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