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Social media can help settle divorce cases

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc are now being used to help identify individuals who are fraudulently trying to hide their wealth from, soon to be, ex-spouses.

More and more often now, social media accounts are being legally accessed to confirm whether assets are being hidden from ex-partners during divorce proceedings. 

If a person is suspected of hiding assets fraudulently from their ex then solicitors can now use social media sites to collect evidence against them by applying for court orders for disclosure of private information.  They can now identify and recover monies, which have previously been hidden, because defendants are not required to be informed of the disclosure and are often completely unaware that their personal information is being legally accessed.

The court order can also be used on the defendant’s family members in the search for necessary evidence to make a case.  People are becoming adept at hiding assets from their partners because there are large sums of monies involved or sometimes it has been an acrimonious break up. By using family members, friends or even internet currency such as bitcoins, a person can hide their true wealth and consequently solicitors have to get creative to help settle the divorce cases fairly. 

Divorce can be one of the most traumatic life events you ever have to go through so it’s important you get the right advice at the right time by experienced solicitors who specialise in this area. With the right support and guidance, the process can be made easier, more efficient and can help settle your financial arrangements quickly thus reducing long term costs.

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