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Sepsis sufferer is awarded clinical negligence compensation and warns others to be vigilant of symptoms

A man who contracted sepsis and lost both his legs, some fingers and the end of his nose, has been calling for more awareness about this awful condition as part of Sepsis Awareness Month. Luckily this brave ex-policeman survived his ordeal and is now expecting his first child but he wants to highlight the dangers of contracting an infection that kills 44,000 each year. Statistics show that each year, 150,000 people in the UK develop sepsis and 25% of survivors suffer life-changing disabilities, such as organ failure and amputated limbs.

Sepsis is also known as septicaemia or blood poisoning and it is caused by an external or internal infection that gets out of control due to a weakened immune system or underlying health condition and infects large parts of the body. When faced with an aggressive infection the immune system can sometimes go into overdrive and start attacking the hosts tissue causing limbs to die.

It is known as the silent killer and symptoms are unfortunately mistaken for everyday illnesses, such as flu or a common virus. The brave sepsis suffer, who is calling for more awareness, was misdiagnosed by his hospital and as a result was critically ill and had only a 10% chance of survival.

However he did survive and after 30 operations over a two year period, he is now on the mend and expecting his first child.

He said: “I was active, I liked to keep fit, I had pride in how I looked, I’d met a girl I really liked and all of a sudden I had to cope with losing my legs, hand and bits of my face.

“I’d lost my dignity and self-worth. Kirsty (Dean’s wife) gave up her teaching job to care for me. It was a very dark period and felt as though life wasn’t worth living.

“I hope that my story will help prevent others suffering the way I have.

The Teaching Hospital Trust that was responsible for the ex-policeman’s care, has apologised for their clinical negligence for not diagnosing him early enough to prevent Sepsis taking over his body. He has received medical compensation to pay for adaptations to his home and vehicle, quality prosthetics and rehabilitation equipment and therapy.

The payments will never make up for the life he has lost but will help make his new life more comfortable as he begins a new chapter as a family.

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