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Sacked sales rep receives unfair dismissal compensation

A sales rep who was sacked for gross misconduct after falsifying a sick note from his GP has been awarded compensation for unfair dismissal.

The employee lied about the reason for his absence, stating he had had a heart attack when in fact he was suffering from a form of mental illness.

Unfair dismissal compensation has been awarded to a sales representative who was sacked after suffering from depression.

When he was dismissed last year following a month-long absence he decided to admit to his employers that he had actually taken the time off due to depression,  However, despite this, his employer decided to sack him.

During a tribunal it was ascertained that the company which employed him had not carried out the required investigations to determine why the employee had been absent. Had they done so, they would in all probability have discovered the truth and so the man was entitled to receive damages for unfair dismissal.

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