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Princess of Wales hospital faces yet more scandal

The Princess of Wales Hospital faces more damning criticism following the Andrews Report.

Commissioned by the Welsh Government over a year ago to investigate standards of care at the Neath Port Talbot Hospital and Princess of Wales Hospital, the investigation was initiated after concerns came to light from a whistleblower about the quality of care being received.

A police investigation revealed that the Bridgend hospital found nurses had ‘forged medical records and gave wrong medication’ and are also investigating allegations that a staff member was drunk whilst on duty.

The report highlights; “lack of suitably qualified, educated and motivated staff” and as a result ten nurses have been suspended over allegations of forging patient records. Shockingly, there have already been three arrests on suspicion of neglect after there were claims that notes were falsified to cover up staff mistakes but no charges were brought.
According to the whistleblower, nurses routinely administered the wrong medication and faked records to cover it up:

“There has been a widespread cover-up for years and police have contacted over 40 families. Nurses, doctors and management have behaved terribly and endangered hundreds of lives because of incompetence and deceit.”

The whistleblower goes on to claim that elderly patients were even ordered to go to the toilet in their beds rather than receive incontinence care.

Professor Andrew Davies, Chairman of ABM Health Board, said: “We are ashamed. The 18 recommendations are hard hitting.”

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