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Personal injury firm faces possible police investigation

A personal injury firm could face a police investigation after allegations that a number of criminal offences may have been committed in conjunction with a claim that was filed for a non-client.

The alleged offences include fraud in making a false claim for compensation, forgery of a medical report, and perverting the course of justice.

The presiding judge in the case said: “I am going to direct that copies of this judgment be supplied to the police and to the Crown Prosecution Service so that they can decide whether the matter merits further investigation.”

The case relates to a collision which occurred in 2011 between a tractor and a car driven by the claimant. During the incident, the claimant did suffer injuries, however, the issue that has arisen is that two claim notification forms (CNFs) were submitted by two different solicitors.

Both claims were supported by two medical reports by two different doctors. However by the time proceedings were issued by the first firm, the insurer had agreed to settle the claim with the second firm, which is when it was brought to light that there were two representatives for a single claimant and that one had to be fake.

A report by The Law Gazette said that firm 2 who are alleged to have committed the offence blamed two non-qualified fee earners who had left the firm for the fraudulent activity.

Describing the firm as evasive, the presiding judge said: “What is abundantly clear, though, is that firm 2 have constantly stalled and obfuscated, and have failed to assist those acting for the claimant and the defendant to resolve the position. This has materially delayed the resolution of the claim and added significantly to the costs.”

Firm 2 said it “welcomes any investigations in order to exonerate the firm.”

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