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Pensioner Suffers Personal Injury after Tripping on Pavement

A pensioner from Tyneside has been left with facial injuries after tripping on an uneven curb.

The 65-year-old was walking along Henderson Road near her home when she tripped and fell.

Her face smashed on the ground and as a consequence she has been left with dark bruising around her nose and across her cheeks.

This is the second time that the pensioner has fallen in the street in recent months.

“The whole street is cock-eyed, the pavements are all uneven and it’s a right mess, but it never seems to get fixed,” she told reporters.

“I fell for the first time earlier this year, so I started to walk along the road because I felt safer.

“But a driver told me it was dangerous and encouraged me to go back on the pavement, so I did.

“Then I fell over again. I was a right mess.”

Concerns have since been raised over the state of the pavement as it could pose a problem for other pensioners and local school children.

“I hope by speaking out something will be done before it gets any worse,” the accident victim explained.

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