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Pedestrian seriously injured in accident with motorbike

Part of Brixton Road had to be closed this week when a pedestrian was hit by a motorbike outside the Marks and Spencer store.

The Rider was on a high-performance black Honda motorbike at the time of the accident.

Paramedics attended the scene and treated a personal who was left badly injured by the incident.

Police closed the road for all traffic from 6.45pm.

Any eye witness to the accident recalled what happened to a local team of press: “A male pedestrian was knocked over by a man on a motorbike. I happened to be there and a few of us were able to help him.

“Luckily an unmarked police car was right behind the bike with two detectives who were able immediately to give him first aid.”

The closure of the road led to huge delays in surrounding areas, with buses backed up as far as Brixton Hill and Christchurch Road.

The road was re-opened several hours later but traffic was still reported as being slow in both directions.

A personal injury specialist from Thorneycroft Solicitors said, “It is unfortunate to see these kinds of accidents happen time and again. The only good news is that there wasn’t a fatality on this occasion.

“If someone was to blame for the accident there could be grounds for a compensation claim under the correct legal care like that which we provide.

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