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Out-of-hospital deaths too high for Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

Statistics have revealed that the out-of-hospital mortality rate for the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust (NLAG) hospitals are concerning.

The Trusts statistics show that whilst the data demonstrates no change in death rates inside the hospitals, there is a significant difference in those dying outside hospital following treatment.

Mortality rates are calculated using SHMI which is a Summary Hospital Level Mortality Indicator and involve comparing expected deaths to the actual death rates however these figures can be misleading because there are deaths that occur out of hospital shortly after going home.

On closer inspection of the statistics it has shown that there s a 20 point gap between in- hospital deaths and out-of-hospital deaths which is considerably higher than the national average which is usually less than a 5 point gap.

Chief Executive Karen Jackson said:”We need to understand why this is the case.

“If we continue to work hard on the in-hospital position, which we will, but don’t understand the current gap, it’ll only get wider.

The NLAG is currently under special measures, along with 11 other trusts, following by concerns over higher than average death rates.

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