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Nurse wins £50k compensation after accident with curtain

A hospital worker who injured her shoulder and neck when she was drawing the curtains around a patient’s bed has been awarded a total of £50,000 in compensation.

The 59-year-old was handed the money following the incident at Belford Hospital, Fort William, which has left her unable to work for the last four years.

The nursing auxiliary said that the nurse’s injury could have been avoided if the management had acted on a number of complaints which had been made by other members of staff.

The health board denied the liability and claimed that an inspection found there was no defects with the curtain.

They then offered the nurse a £25,000 compensation payment which was rejected.

The sum was then doubled after civil action.

“My case was dealt with quickly and easily and I was very happy with the outcome,’ said the accident victim.

“If previous complaints about the faulty curtains hadn’t been ignored my accident could have been avoided.”

The accident happened when the nurse tried to lean over a table to pull the heavy lined curtains, but they jammed, wrenching her shoulder and back.

A spokesperson from Thorneycroft Solicitors also added, “This is yet another example of a member of staff being injured as a result of their employer not taking the correct precautions and safety measures.”

“If anyone else has suffered a similar injury we urge them to contact us on 0800 1979 345, or visit or work accident compensation page.”