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Mother sues MOD for over £1 million in compensation

A mother is suing the MOD after her 19 year son fell 7 metres during a training exercise which left him severely brain damaged.

Her son had always dreamed of becoming a Royal Marine and was completing an extreme training exercise on the “Tarzan” high level assault course.

The accident happened when he fell from a part of the course called Jacob’s Ladder. As he fell the 7 metres down, he hit a high tension cable and then landed on his head which meant he suffered multiple injuries, including a catastrophic brain injury.

Whilst in Hospital, the young man had a pressure bolt inserted into his skull and then spent a year in an induced semi- conscious state. When he became fully conscious it became clear he had suffered a catastrophic injury and demonstrated symptoms of severe cognitive, communication and physical impairments which include poor control of his head and body, he is doubly incontinent and cannot feed himself and therefore has to be intravenously fed. He has vision problems and cannot communicate to others or explain his lack of understanding when being spoken to by others.

The mother of the 22 year old said: “James was just 19-years-old when his life changed forever as a result of the head injuries he suffered.

“The last three years have been incredibly difficult for the entire family as we have had to watch James struggle with all elements of life, when previously he was always so active and independent.

“Therapies and one-to-one contact improve his well-being and his smile lights up the room again.

“Nothing can turn back the clock but my goal is to see James as happy and as comfortable as possible and the admission of liability from the MoD means that’s one step closer and I know he will be cared for, whatever the future holds.”

Whilst the Ministry of Defence admits liability for the accident, they are still to agree a figure for fair compensation.

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