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Medway NHS Foundation Trust still failing.

The Quality Care Commission, (CQC) has kept the troubled NHS Trust in special measures after a recent inspection.

The CQC found that Medway continues to fail in the A&E and surgery departments whilst other departments such as maternity, medical care and end of life patients and outpatients still needed improvements.

The CQC’s report finds Medway NHS Trust standards of care to be inadequate as only 2 of the 8 areas of concern have been rated ‘good’ which includes children’s care and critical care. It has been recommended that the Trust stays in special measures until improvements are made to the urgent areas such as A&E and surgery.

England’s chief inspector of hospitals, Professor Sir Mike Richard said: “Despite some areas of development, notably in maternity and children’s care, overall Medway NHS Foundation Trust has made inadequate progress in the past year for me to recommend that it should leave special measures at this time.”

“Inconsistent leadership within the trust over the past year and lack of robust governance structures was all too evident when we inspected. The senior leadership at this trust is probably the most unstable that we have seen in any trust we have inspected so far under our new approach.”

“Significant improvement is still required here, and I have advised Monitor that the trust should continue to receive the additional scrutiny and support provided by special measures, while urgent attention is given to resolving the ongoing issues at the trust.”

“People deserve to be treated in services which are safe, compassionate, effective, and responsive to their needs. We will continue to monitor the trust closely and will inspect again as soon as we are able to assess whether or not adequate progress is being made. At that stage, I will be in a position to advise Monitor again on whether the trust is ready to leave special measures or whether further action is needed.”

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