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Medway Maritime Hospital under spotlight again after claims of poor care for elderly dementia sufferer.

A mourning son is furious at hospital staff, after the death of his mother at the Medway maritime hospital. He feels she was not treated with dignity or given even the basic care requirements.

His claims are as follows:

His mother was not kept clean for four weeks on the ward, she was not bathed or had her hair washed.

Staff did not take the time to ensure she was fed and hydrated properly and as a result she died underweight and dehydrated.

The death certificate was wrongly dated after waiting for two days.

The man was distraught at the quality of his mothers care plan:Nobody seemed to know what was wrong with her and what her treatment should be. I know they are short-staffed but there should always be somebody in charge who knows what’s going on.”

“If my mother had been treated correctly and with compassion, I am certain she would still be with us.”
The eventual cause of the patients’ death was bronchial pneumonia, heart disease and dementia.

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