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Medway Hospital in spotlight again after cancer survival stats are third lowest in England

NHS England has published data which highlights how hospitals are doing with regards to the level of cancer care they provide and the figures are not comforting. The data reveals that CCG’s (clinical commissioning groups) are under performing when it comes to early diagnosis of cancer and quick treatment and, as a result, the one year survival rates are worrying in certain hospitals.

Medway Hospital has been in the media regularly as a result of receiving poor feedback from QCC investigations and going in to special measures as a result. It has also received lots of negative press from clinical errors which occurred there over the last few years.

This latest blow ranks Medway Hospital as among the worst in England. The NHS CCG data rates the one-year survival rate in Medway at only 65.3% with only Newham and Barking and Dagenham doing worse.

A Medway spokesperson said: “We are working with Public Health England and our GPs to identify patients at the earliest stage of cancer.
“This includes putting in place new pathways to shorten the time from referral to diagnosis and to increase the uptake of routine screening for cancers such as breast and bowel.

The figures from England’s Clinical Commissioning Groups identified that only one out of three people get diagnosed early which is only half the recommended guidelines and on top of this, nearly half the patients who have been diagnosed, don’t get their treatment quick enough to increase the chance of survival. This delay in diagnosis and treatment is leading to more people dying of cancer and all because of delays.

Exec Director at Macmillan Cancer Support, Dr Fran Woodard, commented: “The fact that so many CCGs in England have been identified as providing inadequate care to cancer patients, or requiring improvements in this area, is very concerning.

“It highlights just how much the NHS is struggling to meet the challenge of delivering cancer services which meet all the critical needs of people with cancer.”


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