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Man suffers catastrophic injuries leaving him unable to work

A 43 year old man who went in for a simple operation to prevent loud snoring has suffered complications leaving him without a job and his wife a permanent carer.

The soldier, who was a Warrant Officer in the Army Air Corps at the time of the operation, was expected to be promoted to Major as he had very good prospects within the army and an earning potential of up to £60,000 a year.

The operation to reduce his snoring not only proved to be completely ineffective but it also set off a chain of events which left the man with arthritis and a disabling pain disorder.

A judge awarded £1.5m in damages to the man after the operation “made no difference to that condition and later investigations appear to establish that it could not have achieved that purpose in any event,”

According to the High Court hearing, the soldier had complications following the surgery:
“he suffered an infection which led to reactive arthritis and eventually to a disabling pain disorder,”

As a result of the operation he was retired from the army on medical grounds and the court heard he “is unlikely to ever work again,”

His wife gave evidence at the trial and described herself as going from a partner to carer in a very short space of time and also a single parent,”

The judge added that she “has been able to sustain the family over many years and under very demanding circumstances.”

Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who were responsible for the hospital’s negligence, agreed to pay 63 per cent of the claim which was a total of £1,508,524 after deducting the agreed 37 per cent.

The award is made up of loss of earnings, equipment needs and backdated care costs. The Trust also has to pay indemnity costs with an extra £75,000 for failure to settle the claim prolonging the soldier’s financial hardship.


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