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Man awarded compensation after cosmetic surgery negligence

A rugby player who underwent cosmetic surgery has been handed £26,000 in compensation after the operation left his nose a different colour.

The 49-year-old decided to have an operation on his nose after years of rugby playing had left it battered and out of shape.

The intention of the surgery was to make his nose smaller and give it a “cleaner, smoother profile.”

The surgeon also assured him that there would be no scarring from the procedure.

However the operation has left the man with a dark smooth scar on the tip of his nose that will now be there for life.

Medical experts say the scarring cannot be removed, and skin grafts will not help the problem.

A Plymouth court heard that the cosmetic surgery was intended to give the man more confidence but instead it has left him “depressed and withdrawn.”

He has now been awarded a medical negligence compensation payment of £26,000 in damages despite appeals from the doctor, who said he was warned about the risks.

The judge said the victim had been left with “a significant cosmetic defect which he will have to bear for the rest of his life,” when the decision was passed.

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