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Lancashire schools pay out £1.2m in compensation over past six years

Lancashire schools have paid out £1.2m in compensation over the past six years it has been revealed – mainly to pupils who have been involved in accidents.

So far this year, compensation claims have cost £258,000 for a range of accident types including slips, trips, cuts and scalding.

Last year the figure reached a total of £360,000 compared to just £42,250 in 2006.

Figures which were obtained by the Lancashire Telegraph under the Freedom of Information act showed a total of £279,250 was paid out for allegations of abuse and £95,802 for injuries that happened in PE lessons.

An East Lancashire councillor said that he was ‘flabbergasted’ by the figures.

In one of the biggest payouts, more than £8,800 was handed to a pupil who was pushed over by other pupil, breaking her arm, and a playground ice-slip saw one family receive almost £7,000.

A spokesperson from the council said: “Thankfully, incidents in which pupils are injured by other pupils are few and far between, but in a county with over 630 schools and about 190,000 school-age children, it is inevitable that there will be some incidents.

“When the county council receives a claim for compensation it has to make a decision regarding its liability, and defend or settle the case as appropriate.

“This may lead to a compensation payment being made.”

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