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Is cosmetic surgery on the decline as recent statistics suggest?

There have been claims in the press that the popularity of cosmetic surgery is on the decline according to recently published figures. But if you delve deeper into the statistics there are reasons for this apparent decline and reasons to expect a very different set of figures for 2015.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) revealed that surgical procedures were down by 9% from 50,122 in 2013 to 45,406 in 2014. The main decline seems to have been with breast implants and nose jobs which fell by nearly 25% which raises questions about why these procedures in particular have declined.

Industry experts have their theories for the figures:

A consultant plastic surgeon and Baaps spokesman, Rajiv Grover, believes the PIP breast implant scandal from 2012 may be partly to blame.  The PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) breast implant scandal, whereby 1000’s of women were fitted with substandard breast implants made by the French firm, has meant that statistics have been distorted.

“Last year’s figures [for 2013] were inflated by the 2012 PIP crisis and a large number of people needed to have implants replaced.

“So breast augmentation figures went up artificially because of the large number of replacements.”
He also believes that the recession has meant people’s disposable income has been limited and meant that they have put off surgery.

“Cosmetic surgery is not a requirement, it is a desire, so during a number of years of austerity people will have put that on hold for a few years and save money.”

There is also the fact that the industry has come under increasing pressure to self-regulate and remove poor practice from the industry. This intense media scrutiny, following the breast implant scandal, has meant that new rules on surgeons offering surgery has maybe reduced the quantity of procedures being carried out.

  • The top 10 procedures last year were:
  • Breast augmentation – down 23% to 8,619
  • Eyelid surgery – down 1% to 7,752
  • Face and neck lifts – up 1% to 6,402
  • Breast reduction – up 1% to 5,528
  • Liposuction – up 7% to 4,627
  • Nose jobs – down 24% to 3,690
  • Fat transfer operations – down 4% to 3,155
  • Tummy tucks – down 20% to 2,713
  • Brow lifts – down 7% to 1,978
  • Ear corrections – down 20% to 942

Recent trends, however, indicate that cosmetic surgery is very much a growth industry particularly amongst men and will continue to increase in popularity.

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