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Institute of Advanced Motorists encourage bikers to wear their helmets

One in 20 adults were involved in a road accident of some kind last year, a shocking statistic that illustrates how important safety on the road is.

Research from the National Travel Survey published by the Department for Transport revealed that 5.2 per cent of people in Britain admitted to having been involved in an accident on the road in 2012.

A high proportion of these accidents involve motorbikes. Therefore, British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), have provided motorcycle safety advice to ensure that bikers stay as safe as possible when on the roads.

Despite the hot weather this summer, it is essential that bikers still wear protective clothing while on the road. A BMF spokesperson claimed “I’d always say, they should wear a helmet, gloves and boots plus a quality jacket,”. He conceded that some people are tempted to forget the jacket in the heat but this is what causes injuries.

However, he said that the temptation to take off a motorcycle helmet in the heat is even worse as brain injuries are the most common and the most dangerous. By underestimating the impact of heat exhaustion bikers are putting themselves and other road users at risk. To stay safe and avoid a collision, it is important to be thoroughly prepared and, whatever the weather, always wear a helmet.

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