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Horse Rider Wins Six Year Compensation Battle

A horse rider has won a six year battle for compensation following a brain injury she sustained when she was thrown from her horse in an accident with a motorbike.

It is believed that the woman could win up to £500,000 for the accident which changed her personality, put a severe strain on her personal life and caused her and her husband to eventually go bankrupt.

The 43-year-old, who wished to remain unnamed, was riding when a loud motorbike exhaust spooked her pony and then collided into its back legs, causing her to fall and land headfirst on the floor.

She was not wearing a helmet when the accident happened and as a consequence, suffered severe personal injuries to the head.

In a statement to local press the rider said: “I saw a motorcyclist coming towards me and that’s the last thing I remember.”

“Apparently, I ended up lying in the road, covered in blood. One of the police officers who dealt with the accident met me a few months later and said he was amazed I was still alive.”

Her husband, who quit his job after the accident happened and ended up on benefits said: “What we need now is closure. Hopefully, with the cognitive therapy, I can return to being her husband instead of her carer.”