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Hit and run cycling victim appeals for help

A cyclist who was chased up the pavement by a vehicle, hit three times and then smashed in to a wall is appealing to find the driver who left him for dead.

The 44-year-old accident victim has been told that he was lucky to survive the horrific accident and now he has enlisted the help of local Police to help him catch the driver.

The dad-of-three was on his way home along the Mansfield Road in Clipstone when a silver or light coloured car mounted the curb and drove in to him.

The rider was left unconscious after being hit from behind three times and smashed in to a wall.

He said that he thinks the driver carried out the attack because his bike flicked up a stone on to his windscreen.

Witnesses say that there was a female passenger in the car filming the attack on her phone.

The cyclist’s wife said: “The car went up the kerb and chased him along the pavement.

“He could have died, his eye socket was nearly pulled out. All he can remember is his bike wheel going under the car.

“He received extensive injuries on his body and face. It’s the emotional side of it which is most difficult, he’s still not sleeping properly because it is mentally draining

A spokesperson from the Nottinghamshire Police also added, “We are looking for the driver of the car on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

“Anyone who knows who did it or knows anything about the car which may have been repaired afterwards should call us on 101 straight away.

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