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High earning mother claims bosses cheated her out of millions

A well-known global banking firm has been hit with multiple allegations from a high earning female executive who claims she has experienced sexist and maternity discrimination from bosses and male colleagues. 

In an attempt to prove her allegations has merit, the woman even went as far as filming her colleagues to prove the sexist claims, although it is not known at this stage who, in particular, was filmed.

The banking executive claims she was unfairly treated after announcing she was pregnant. She alleges that she was told she was no longer a ‘significant long term player’ and she believes she was cheated out of millions as a result.  Derogatory comments were made in her direction by male colleagues, many of whom have now been promoted above her.   Alongside her claims against the company she has also made allegations against 3 particular colleagues who are her senior.

The woman claims that, over a 5 year period, her basic salary decreased and she didn’t receive the correct bonuses she was supposed to; amounting to her missing out on millions. A vital piece of information to support this allegation is that a mere two months after announcing her pregnancy her salary decreased by more than £50,000 a year.  She also believes her manager purposely excluded her out of meetings and undermined her in front of male colleagues.

She believes she tried her very best to perform as normal and kept up with the workload during her maternity leave and attended all of the meetings required.  The banking firm has denied all allegations made against them

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