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GPs Who Miss Cancer ‘To Be Named and Shamed’

It is an interesting phenomenon that Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary) is suggesting giving GP practice’s ratings for how many cases they miss will not do a lot for patients’ confidence but obviously if it stops just 1 more case being missed then it is worth while.

Clearly delays in diagnosis of cancer is becoming a nationwide problem.

At Thorneycroft’s we receive numerous enquiries from clients who have felt embarrassed at the number of times they have had to go back to their Dr as they know they are unwell but do not know why. To complain of fatigue and weight loss could be signs of lifestyle and general stress but it could also be a sign of an underlying problem.

The importance of early diagnosis for all cancers can not be overstated. In some circumstances it can open so many doors for a variety of treatments, in others it can be the difference between life and death!

Any steps that can help must be welcomed. I don’t think it matters if the response is “defensive referral”, what matters is the patient diagnosis.

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