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Protect yourself against fraudulent personal injury claims

Sustaining a personal injury can be a very serious event, both in the lives of the victim and the person responsible for the accident.

The consequences can be devastating and can leave victims with lifelong injuries both physical and mental.

Personal injury claims can also yield high sums of compensation depending on the injuries sustained.

Unfortunately, some individuals have seen this as an opportunity to make a quick buck.

You may have seen one of the videos have that have been circulating on the web, on social media and in the news in recent times. They feature individuals faking road traffic accidents in order to make fraudulent claims for compensation.

You can view one such example by clicking here.

A typical tactic is reverse a motorcycle or moped into a slow-moving vehicle and then make a claim for whiplash.

When the ‘evidence’ of a vehicle having a rear-end collision is presented to a third party, they would most likely assume that, as in many similar cases, the driver of the car is at fault and it can be very difficult to prove otherwise without a third party who witnessed the ‘accident’ testifying of the true events.

Get a dashcam

Whilst it may be difficult to prove that you are actually a victim of a fraudulent claim in many instances, there is one tool that can provide vital evidence and play a key role in your defence against fraudulent personal injury claimants.

That tool is a dash cam.

Many dash cams are affordable these days, and they are fast becoming the tool of choice for motorists across the world.

Whilst the majority of your dash cam footage will be tedious and irrelevant, the benefit of the footage that it captures in the event of a faked accident can prove priceless.

As well as capturing potentially vital footage for your case, you may also benefit financially by owning a dash cam as some insurers are offering lower rates for those who use one.

Don’t assume it’ll never happen to you

Fraudulent claimants don’t restrict themselves to road traffic accidents. They are becoming an increasing issue for businesses too. Therefore it’s important to take note of Oscar Wilde and ‘always expect the unexpected.’

The number of individuals making fraudulent claims is growing, with insurance provider Aviva revealing that in 2016 there were over £250,000 of fraudulent claims made every day which is a rise of 9.5% on the previous year.

This figure only represents the claims that were detected as fraudulent, and their research suggests that this figure could be a drop in the ocean of the actual problem.

With the number of fake claims increasing, the law of averages says that your chance of becoming a victim of a fake claim will also increase.

Always remain aware and alert for any potential scenario where a false claim may be made.

Personal Injury claims against businesses

Whilst faking road traffic accidents may make it into the media and our social media channels, there is another form of fraudulent personal injury claim becoming prevalent and that is claims against businesses.

Whilst many of those making fraudulent claims against businesses may believe it is a victimless crime, the cost of fighting and potentially paying out on a fraudulent injury claim could destroy a business and leave a whole workforce without employment, leaving a trail of both monetary and human casualties.

Even if a business is not directly affected by a fraudulent claim, it can suffer inadvertently.

An increase in claims pushes up premiums and means that businesses are having to use money to pay their premiums, which could otherwise be used to grow the business.

Similarly to the way false road traffic accidents can be combatted using dash cams, businesses can make provisions to catch potentially fraudulent claimants in the act by installing on-site CCTV cameras.

Legitimate claimants may also benefit from the cameras being installed as they will be able to use the recording as evidence in their legitimate claims.


Whilst we hope that you never experience a fraudulent personal injury claim against you, it is always better to be as prepared as possible, just in case.

If you have had the misfortune of sustaining a legitimate personal injury and believe the fault lies with another, then our personal injury solicitors can help.

We are proud to be one of the UK’s leading firms of dedicated personal injury claim solicitors.

Our team offer the professional service and sensitive touch that you and your case deserve and you can be safe in the knowledge that we will do all we can to secure the financial compensation you deserve.

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