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Five figure compensation for dental disaster

A woman who suffered considerable pain as a result of untreated dental decay and a cracked tooth has won a substantial compensation pay out from her dental practice.

The £10,000 settlement figure came about after the accounts assistant went to see her dentist after experiencing acute pain in her back tooth. After a consultation with her dentist, who she saw for regular check-ups, she was advised that the tooth had extensive decay and needed to be removed.

She  said: “I suddenly felt pain like I have never felt before. I had never really experienced toothache, and I was a regular visitor to my dentist attending check-ups and appointments over a period of seven years. I was enjoying Christmas with my family when I experienced pain that brought me to screaming tears.”

The 39 year old had her tooth removed but the next day following the procedure; she was once again in considerable pain and booked another emergency appointment.  It was discovered that during the original extraction that the tooth next to it had also fractured and was now causing pain.

 She said: “I couldn’t believe that this was the only thing that could be done but I trusted him – he was my dentist after all and had been looking after me for years. As the tooth was removed I heard a loud cracking noise which I thought was to be expected and I went home as normal.”

She added: ““The whole thing was an absolute shambles. I went in with one problem which they had caused through neglect and they made it even worse.”

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