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Fees and more

Discontent around employment tribunal fees shows little sign of abating. 

After losing its application for judicial review of the decision to bring in fees, Unison reportedly plans to introduce more evidence to support its appeal.

And the word on the street is that, in light of the huge drop in the number of claims being issued, the judicial review application may be lodged afresh. 

The latest employment tribunal statistics show that the number of single claims issued between April and June 2014 was down 70 per cent on the number for the same period last year. Acas early conciliation is being cited as the reason fewer claims are getting to the tribunal but the argument rages on that cost is putting people off claiming.

Then throw into the mix next year’s general election and the Labour party’s announcement that, if elected, it would completely review the employment tribunal system. Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna says the current position of charging fees to bring claims is a barrier to justice and is unfair and unsustainable. 

Who knows where this will end up? It’s looking like it could roll and roll.