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Family furious after 93 year old woman sent home with incontinence pads for dressings

A woman has made an official complaint about her mothers care after the elderly woman was discharged from hospital with incontinence pads wrapped around both of her legs instead of dressings.

The grandmother had been in hospital for a broken pelvis after she suffered a fall and she developed cellulitus which is an infection of the deeper layers of the skin and the underlying tissue. The condition causes areas of skin to become swollen, red and painful and often need dressings to ease the pain and control further infection. It can, in severe cases, spread and cause fever and respiratory problems which is what happened in this patients case who has returned to hospital with complications from cellulitus.

Her family are angry because the Hospital Trust sent her home whilst she was clearly still in need of medical attention and also for using inappropriate dressings which were degrading and humiliating and also ineffectual as she developed further complications.

Her daughter said: “She came back from …..with all those incontinent pads around her legs.

“When she was discharged she should have been in a nursing home ….., where she is a resident, between 5pm and 5.30pm but she got there at 10.30pm and that is how they sent her, with those things on her legs.

“The nursing home rang me up at 10.40pm to tell me that my mum’s legs were in a mess. I went over and when I saw her I just cried.

“She is in agony with them now, she is in so much pain. ….. hospital are giving her pain relief but she is still suffering. The nursing home were absolutely brilliant. The nursing manager was absolutely appalled.

“My mum is in ……. hospital now and is not very well at all. She has breathing difficulties.

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