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Facebook used as evidence in divorce cases

We have become a nation of people that like to regularly publicise what we are doing and the growth and popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are testament to that.

They offer an insight into your likes, dislikes, views, job, location, assets, purchases and even your relationships. Facebook, in particular, is now cited in an increasing number of divorce cases when providing evidence of cheating or proof of undisclosed income or assets.

Acting like a public noticeboard, every time you post a selfie or take a picture with someone doing something interesting, this can be used against you as evidence of another relationship or access to undisclosed funds.

More and more often now, solicitors are referring to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help identify individuals who are fraudulently trying to hide their relationships or wealth from, soon to be, ex-spouses.  Facebook accounts can be legally accessed to collect evidence of fraud and are used to show whether assets are being hidden from ex-partners during divorce proceedings.

By applying for court orders for disclosure of private information, solicitors can now identify and recover monies, which have previously been hidden, because defendants are not required to be informed of the disclosure and are often completely unaware that their personal information is being legally accessed.

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