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Ex-employee wins five figure compensation for age discrimination at work

A 61 year old sales rep has been successful in his claim for compensation after bringing an age discrimination case against the company he had worked at for 25 years. The employment tribunal heard how the rep had been nicknamed ‘Gramps’ by the Head of Sales, who is in his thirties, and how the sales environment had become humiliating and degrading for him.

The employee, who was 10 years older that the rest of the sales team, successfully argued that his company had discriminated against him on the basis of his age because of the way his company had ‘engineered away’ his clients despite being a loyal and successful employee for many years. He was dismissed from the company when he was 60 and, aggrieved about how the company had treated him, brought about an age discrimination employment tribunal case.

The ex-employee was awarded £63,090.95 in compensation, which included a £9,000 payment for loss of earnings and injury to feelings.

The tribunal said: “The use of these phrases indicate views emanating from the customers which are negative views almost certainly based on the claimant’s age.

“What is more, the respondent accepts that the claimant was referred to by an age specific nickname of ‘Gramps’ by one of its own employees.”

The successful claimant said: “It was a success and that was it. What’s happened has happened.”

As an employee, employment law can be hugely daunting during what is often already a very stressful time. Whatever the position you find yourself in, whether it relates to sex or disability discrimination, unfair dismissal, redundancy issues, workplace disputes or any other employment related issues, our specialist employment law team can help. You can be assured that each case is treated with both a commercial and a sensitive approach, as well as complying with current legislation.

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