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Employment Tribunals – what you need to know

Employment tribunals are often the final place where disputes over employment rights can be settled between employers and employees.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you will need an experienced employment law team to help guide you through the intricacies of an employment tribunal process.

An Employment Tribunal is like an informal court hearing, there are no wigs or gowns, they are often open to the public and they act like a court in the sense that it is an impartial place where legal arguments are heard from both sides and then a decision is made by the court, which is final.

You can also go through mediation which can provide an alternative way to resolve disputes without going down the employment tribunal route which it is why its important to talk to a solicitor who is experienced in employment law and all the current leglisation.

If you are an employee and have any issues with unfair dismissal, discrimination or redundancy agreements then please contact Thorneycroft Solicitors to see if you have a tribunal case that we can assist you with.

If you are company or individual being taken to an employment tribunal by an employee then we have experienced solicitors who have worked with employers on employment tribunals cases which have come to successful conclusions for our clients.

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