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Employment Law – Are you aware of all the changes coming in to force throughout 2016?

Whether you are a large or small company with 2 or 250 staff, you need to be aware of all the latest changes to Employment Law in 2016. There can be financial implications if you get it wrong which can be bad for business!

Here is a potted summary of a few of the main things to be aware of but we strongly urge you to contact our Employment specialist’s for more detailed information.

National Minimum Wage (NMW) : From April the 1st this year, the National Living Wage became law which means, as an employer, you must pay workers the minimum following rates:

Apprentices – £3.30 per hour
18-21 – £5.30 per hour
21-25 – £6.70 per hour
Age 25+ – £7.20 per hour
Salary sacrifice arrangements must be carefully calculated and reviewed to ensure employers are not breaking the law.

Gender Pay reporting: There will also be gender pay reporting which is a new measure requiring employers, with at least 250 employees or more, to publish information about their gender pay gap. Companies must be ready for these mandatory reporting processes and will have to review their pay policies and processes. There will be fines for non-disclosure.

Employment Tribunals: Financial penalties will start to be imposed on companies who delay or refuse to pay employment tribunal awards. Companies who delay employment tribunals in an attempt to delay an unwelcome outcome or force an ex-employee to settle or drop the case will also incur fines.

For further details contact Mark Bestley on 01625 507571 or 07825 081 856 or email him at [email protected]