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Dying intestate can cause misery

Having a Will is essential but particularly for those couples who currently live together as partners but are unmarried.

Modern day families are complex and consist of individuals who may have been married numerous times or are currently living as partners/cohabitants (rather than married) and have children/step children or complex child support arrangements.

NEVER assume that, should you die or your partner pass away unexpectedly, your assets will automatically go to the partner, the mother or father of the children etc. There have been instances when a couple, who have been together 25 years, have unknowingly left their love one with nothing. A life partner has very few rights compared to a married person and will have to fight in the courts to prove the intensions of their partner which can be an awful situation when going through the grieving process.

Everything must be taken into consideration from property ownership, insurances on death in service, guardianship of any dependants etc. It is so important to get the right advice regarding your individual circumstances so that you can have peace of mind that in the event of your untimely death, the people that mean the most to you are looked after when you are gone.

The ONLY way to protect your partner from this misery is to leave a will. For all your estate administration and planning it is better to use professionals who know all the pitfalls and potential problems rather than a DIY approach. Leave your legacy in good hands and contact Thorneycroft Solicitors to ensure your estate is looked after with care and consideration.

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Wills offer

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