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Dentist sued after leaving horrific scar on patients face

A woman has successfully sued her dentist for £11,500 after she claimed his misdiagnosis led to her suffering a facial scar.

She claimed that he had failed to spot an abscess in her wisdom tooth which meant it developed into a major infection which needed serious surgery.

The 33 year old woman visited her dentist complaining of pain in her wisdom tooth and an inability to eat properly. She was assessed, x-rayed and prescribed antibiotics for an infection. The patient returned two further times and was given more antibiotics.

The patient said: “I was struggling to eat or open my jaw properly, the wound was visibly oozing and horrible.

“People used to do a double take when they walked past me, it was gruesome.”

After becoming frustrated with the pain and discomfort she visited another dentist who immediately diagnosed that she had an abscess. They drained the tooth and referred her to a specialist dental hospital who could remove the infected wisdom tooth.

She said: “Thankfully there were no complications,”.

“The swelling went down after about a month, and the wound started to heal, but the whole area was still very purple and red and there was an indent and puckering of the skin where the wound had been.”

“I have to look at a course of special fillers to try and balance it up and I may need surgery – it has been a devastating experience.”

We all like to trust our dentist and most of the time they get it right but when they get it wrong the results can be painful and permanent.  If you think you have experienced poor dental treatment at the hands of a dental professional whether its a dentist, dental hygienist or dental therapist then contact our specialist dental compensation solicitors for more information.  It is important to highlight poor practice and make sure it doesn’t happen to other patients.

Our dental negligence claims solicitors have consistently achieved excellent results for our clients in Macclesfield, Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas and remain dedicated to maximising the compensation for dentist negligence claims available on a no win – no fee basis. Call us now on FREEPHONE 0800 093 2030, or complete our simple enquiry form and we can call you back at a time to suit you.

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