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Dentist struck off for carrying out procedures in a McDonalds

A dentist, who tried to fit a bridge in a London branch of the fast-food restaurant, has been struck off the dentists register.  The incident happened in 2012 after relationships with her practice manager broke down and she was forced to find an alternative venue to practice.

The dentist, who had recently emigrated from Romania in November 2010, had initially worked in Tavistock but was suspended due to issues with her record-keeping, X-rays and concerns expressed by dental nurses with regards to the quality of her practice.

She received six complaints in seven days and, as a result, gave an undertaking not to practise in the NHS and relocated to London.  Here she started to practice again mainly targeting Romanian patients online.

She had an agreement to use a practice on an ad hoc basis to do her dental procedures but the relationship with her Practice Manager had deteriorated and she sort alternative venues namely a McDonalds initially and then the dental practice hallway when the patient refused to receive treatment in a fast food establishment.

The committee told her: “Further, in the case of Patient 1, you attempted to provide dental treatment in unsuitable environments, namely in a McDonald’s restaurant and in the hallway outside a dental practice.

“She (Patient 1) stated that you tried to put bridges in her mouth whilst in the McDonald’s and, when she refused, you insisted that it was necessary to see if they would fit.”

The dentist is barred from practising dentistry in the UK and her appeal was dismissed.

We all like to trust our dentist and most of the time they get it right but when they get it wrong the results can be painful and permanent. If you think you have experienced poor dental treatment at the hands of a dental professional whether its a dentist, dental hygienist or dental therapist then contact our specialist dental compensation solicitors for more information. It is important to highlight poor practice and make sure it doesn’t happen to other patients.

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