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Dentist fails hygiene standards

 A Dentist from the West Country has been severely criticised for her failure to maintain adequate hygiene standards at her Somerset practice. 

The Professional Conduct Committee found the dentist to be a “risk to patients” after she used dental composites that were found to be out of date, failed to maintain sterile equipment and also failed to prevent her cats to enter the surgery.

The Committees report also stated: “You did not ensure that three in one aspirator tips were adequately decontaminated; you did not remove your gloves when touching items outside the sterile area; you did not ensure hazardous waste was appropriately stored.”

The Committee concluded that the 58 year old “failed to maintain appropriate levels of infection control and hygiene” and that there were “multiple failings regarding basic patient care which were repeated over a sustained period of time”.

As a result of their findings the PCC has imposed 11 conditions for on the dentist including carrying out regular hygiene audits on her surgery and a personal development plan to ensure a lapse in good hygiene practice does not occur again.

Ms Edworthy said: “I have fully co-operated with the General Dental Council and I have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that I can provide my patients with the best possible dental care.”

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