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Dental technician suspended for misconduct.

A dental technician has been suspended for six months by the General Dental Councils, Professional Conduct Committee after performing dentistry he was not qualified to do and for also failing to keep accurate lab records.

The 69 year old man, who retired shortly after the incident, had worked as a dental technician for 50 years.

The technician was charged with acting outside his scope of practice after it was reported that he took impressions of a patient’s mouth, provided and fitted dentures without a prescription from a dentist and then performed post-fitting adjustments.

The retired dental technician said: “I made a mistake; a big mistake which I regretted.

“I have been in this game for 50 years and it is sad for it to end like this, but you never know which way it’s going to go.”

The Professional Conduct Committee, said: “The committee considers your decision to go beyond your scope of practice, which you have admitted was deliberate, represents a serious departure from the standards expected of a DT.”

“Nevertheless going outside your scope of practice in the way that you did is clearly serious and unacceptable, and the committee determined that it constituted misconduct.” 

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