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Dental negligence resulted in a ruined wedding and £10k compensation

A woman who claimed that “mistakes were made” during her dental treatment has received £10,000 in compensation after dentists allegedly failed to spot and treat her tooth decay, leaving her no option but to have her teeth removed just days before her Caribbean wedding.

The claimant who was due to be married on the Caribbean island of Grenada was forced to cancel her wedding photographer and a live band after she had to use her savings to pay for a procedure to fit dental implants to replace the two teeth she had been forced to remove.

After falling victim of dental negligence to two different dentists, the third was forced to remove the two teeth before any more damage from the rotting teeth could occur.

The 61-year-old claimant said: “My wedding in Grenada was coming up, and I was trying to save money to pay for it.”

“But the implants were so expensive I had to cancel the wedding photographer and the live music I’d arranged in order to pay for the treatment. It was deeply upsetting.”

“I was livid. To be told that two of my teeth were completely rotten was bad enough, but it was also only a few days before my wedding in Grenada.”

“I was already taking antibiotics for an abscess and was worried about the effect the hot climate would have on my teeth.”

“It was extremely upsetting and stopped me from enjoying my wedding.”

The case which began in 2015 was eventually settled in an out of court settlement for a total of £10,000.

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