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Are dental implants safe?

If you have lost teeth but you are not keen on the idea of dentures then the chances are you may have looked into getting dental implants.

These types of ‘teeth’ are attached to a person’s jaw bone with surgically implanted posts and can mean that those who have lost their natural teeth, can improve their own nutrition as they can make eating more comfortable, especially harder foods.

They can also improve a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence as they can improve the aesthetic looks of a person as well improving their overall oral health if the implants are maintained properly.

However, even though there are many benefits to have dental implants installed, there are still some serious dangers of having the procedure carried out.


One of the key dangers when considering whether or not to proceed with a dental implant procedure is the risk of infection. Infections can develop in the jaw bone as the procedure can be invasive and if the environment and tools that are used to carry out the procedure are not sterile then this will increase the risk of infection.

Poor dental hygiene is also a contributing factor in an infection developing after a dental implant has been installed. Failing to clean your teeth and flossing properly after you eat can lead to bacteria building up.

People who smoke and use other types of tobacco products are also at increased risk of developing an infection.

Nerve damage

Suffering nerve damage is also a danger of having dental implants installed. If your dental practitioner places the implant in the incorrect area it can cut into the nerve and potentially leave permanent damage.

Nerve damage can cause numbness in the lips, chin and cheeks and can cause facial disfigurement if the damage is severe enough.

If you suffer nerve damage as a result of a negligent dental implant procedure it can also cause lasting damage to the teeth around the implant.

Sinus problems

Complications with the sinuses can also develop after having dental implants. This can happen if the dental practitioner inserts the implants too far into the upper jaw. If they are inserted too far into the jaw they can protrude into the sinus cavity. Should this happen the person may experience tingling in the nose, aching and extended periods of pain in the sinuses.

Dental implants can also cause an increase in pressure inside the nasal cavity which can lead to severe migraines and issues with vision.

What can you do if you have issues with a dental implant?

If you have had trouble with a dental implant or feel that you have suffered some other kind of dental negligence, our team can help.

Thorneycroft Solicitors has a nationally renowned personal injury team that includes highly experienced dental negligence solicitors specialising in dentist negligence and dental compensation claims.

We have successfully represented clients with dental negligence claims resulting from poor dentistry caused by misdiagnosis, inadequate treatment and careless dental work.

We offer a free initial interview in order to review your specific circumstances and assess the viability of your dental negligence claim.

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