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Cyclist knocks pedestrian over

A pedestrian was hit by a cyclist, who was travelling around a blind bend at speed, whilst walking along a country lane with his wife.

 As the cyclist came around the blind spot, the man was hit from behind and was thrown into the road.

The 56 year old was in agony for 45 minutes as his wife struggled to contact the emergency services, due to there being no mobile phone service in the remote area.  An ambulance eventually arrived and paramedics gave him morphine at the side of the road to help him cope with his pain. He was then taken to the General Hospital and spent two days there in recovery suffering from a dislocated/ fractured shoulder, broken ribs, sprains, bruising and nerve damage.

The patient said: “The only thing I remember is hearing a shout and then a big thud to my back. “Then I was on the ground with my arm twisted one way and my body another.”

“I couldn’t get up at all. Fortunately a doctor came along and she was able to make a phone call from her house nearby, because there wasn’t a mobile phone signal for us to do so.”

“When I got to hospital I was in tears – I’m still struggling now and in a lot of pain.”
“It’s unbelievable to think a cyclist can do all this damage.”

He said: “I don’t blame the lad in some ways because he had a green light and was on a stretch where it’s the national speed limit and they’ve resurfaced the road. There’s no sign telling people to watch out for pedestrians or slow down.”

“But he had his head down, he didn’t see me and it has caused a lot of damage which might be lasting.”

Hi wife said: “He is quite a stocky chap but if this cyclist had hit a child or an elderly person the damage could have been unthinkable”.

“We fear there could be a fatal accident there before long, unless some safety measures are put in place.”

The County Council spokesman said: “We take road safety very seriously and will be watching this stretch of road closely and considering what, if any, road safety improvements can be made in future to ensure pedestrians, cyclists and motorists remain safe,”

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