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Couple Seriously Injured by Motorbike in Accident

A couple who were visiting Finton in Essex were seriously injured when a powerful motorbike struck them on a pavement. 

The accident happened in Cliff Way at around 8:30pm on Saturday. 

The couple, who were visiting relatives in the seaside town when they were struck from behind by the motorbike as they walked along the pavement. 

The 64-year-old man suffered a fractured skull and the woman, 60, broke her arm. 

The two are still in a hospital in Colchester where they are both said to be in a stable condition. 

The accident is thought to have happened because the motorbike rider lost control and mounted the pavement. 

Local police say that the rider of the motorbike spoke briefly to one of the victims as she lay injured. 

The rider left the scene of the accident in a silver car that came to collect him. 

A spokesperson for the police said, “We know that the motorcyclist went to talk to the injured woman while she lay on the ground.

“Her husband was unconscious nearby. He said a few words then callously walked away from the couple and got into a car that came to collect him.

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