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Compensation pay out for boy for sustained brain damage at birth

An NHS Foundation Trust has to pay £12 Million to a boy’s family after a Court agreed that it was responsible for the failings in care at a baby’s birth which led to his brain damage.

The case concerns an incident whereby a baby developed low blood sugar shortly after he was born and it was agreed that the Hospitals failure to spot that the baby wasn’t feeding properly and give advice and treatment to combat the low sugar levels resulted in his brain injury.

The child is now 12 years old and the long term effects of the failures in care has resulted in the child needing 24 hour care as he now suffers from learning difficulties, memory issues, epilepsy and challenging behaviour.

The payout will go some way in helping the family to buy adapted accommodation and also fund two carers to support him into his adult years.

Money is often no consolation for such a tragic incident but sadly medical negligence like this does sometimes happen and the compensation is invaluable when it comes to providing support to the injured party and their family. If you have been unfortunate enough to have experienced a traumatic experience in hospital then contact us now at Thorneycroft Solicitors today for a free no-obligation assessment of your case on 0800 1979 345 or complete our online enquiry form.

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