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What are some of the most common motorcycle injuries?

With the nights gradually getting longer and the promise of spring just around the corner, many of those who own a motorcycle may turn their thoughts to unveiling their steel horse and letting it loose for a few rides in the spring air.

While it is almost a certainty that you may get your motorbike out on the road as the weather improves, unfortunately, a motorcyclist’s safety can never be guaranteed.

Before you emerge from hibernation and head out on your motorcycle, make sure you familiarise yourself with the basics. This may sound like common sense, however, many riders emerge on the roads after a long break from riding a motorcycle and expect their style to remain the same. This may be the case for a certain number of riders, however, body composition can change and this can affect the way you ride.

Although you may feel like you know your bike, roads and traffic habits of your local area like the back of your hand, it never hurts to do a review of each by taking your first few rides slower than you would normally ride.

One thing that can prepare you for a spring and summer of motorcycling pleasure, is to know some of the most common motorcycle accidents and how you can prevent them.

It’s always better to be proactive with your riding habits and we hope that this article will help you prepare for any unpleasant surprises that you may encounter on your motorcycle rides.

Whilst an automobile accident can be dangerous, the risk increases tenfold when a motorcyclist is involved. Taking precautions now is the first step in protecting your future as a rider.

Head injuries

Unfortunately, head injuries are a common consequence of being involved in a motorbike accident. Our catastrophic injury team have seen first-hand, the damage that a head injury can cause to both the motorcyclist involved and their loved ones.

Your brain is the heaviest organ in the human body and severe trauma can cause it to swell which can cause a host of health issues.

Head injuries have the potential to be lethal and even the mildest concussion should be investigated by a medical professional.

In order to try and minimise the risk of a head injury, always wear a helmet. Tempting as it may be to ride with the wind rushing through your hair, it’s not worth the risk of losing your life as a result of a head injury.

A helmet could be the difference between a minor injury or a catastrophic one and the importance of wearing one should never be underestimated.

We here at Thorneycroft Solicitors will not only help you make a compensation claim for your head injury if it was as a result of another person’s negligence, but we also work with a range of specialist charities including Headway and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust to ensure you get the treatment you need to make the best possible recovery.

Road rash

Road rash is a very painful injury that is suffered by riders who skid across road or pavement after a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle riders can often fly over the handlebars when they are involved in an accident and this can cause their momentum to carry them several feet across the asphalt upon impact. This can cause any of the riders exposed skin to rub on the road or pavement and can lead to severe bruising, deep cuts and even display the same symptoms as if the person had sustained a severe burn.

In the most severe cases, road rash injuries can also cause skin irritations to develop, or muscular issues to present themselves long after the initial ‘rash’ has healed.

To help avoid an instance of road rash, protective gear should be worn. Wearing the right clothing when you ride can lessen if not totally protect you from the effects of road rash in the event of an accident.

Jeans alone will not protect you, even the specialist biker jeans will only protect you from light abrasions. Leather pants and leather jackets afford the most protection against road rash, couple these with knee pads and gloves and you will be better prepared in the event of a collision that may cause you to skid across a road surface.

Muscle damage

The risk of permanent muscle damage in the wake of a motorcycle accident is a very real possibility. Failing to protect yourself properly and suffering a muscle injury, as a result, could mean that you could increase the risk of paralysis should you be involved in an accident.

The first step to protect yourself against muscle damage is to wear protective gear as described in the ‘road rash’ section.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, the next step is to seek medical attention and rehabilitation as soon as possible. Speak to a medical professional who will take you through the next steps including what treatment your muscle injury will need.

Leg injury

Another common injury of those who are in a motorbike accident include injuries to the leg, knee and feet. Although most cases of leg injuries won’t prove fatal, they can still have life-changing consequences.

Protective gear can help protect you against some potential leg injuries, however, they cannot keep you totally free from harm.


With all the common injuries we have outlined above, the key is to be as prepared as possible for any eventuality when you head out on your motorcycle. Every time you ride your motorbike, you are putting yourself at risk.

Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you ride, or how much safety equipment you use, sadly it’s a fact that motorcycle accidents do still happen.

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident, whether it be as a result of another road user or because of a road surface in disrepair, our team can help.

At Thorneycroft Solicitors, our catastrophic injury solicitors are experts that understand what is involved in a motorbike injury compensation claim and know the importance of understanding the long-term physical, social and financial impacts resulting from what can often be a very serious injury.

Our specialist team are dedicated to understanding the needs of those who have sustained an injury as a result of a motorcycle accident from both a legal and physical perspective and progress the compensation claim on this basis.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about the potential of your claim, you can call us for free today on 0800 1979 345 or you can request a call back by completing our online contact form.