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Cold snap causes road traffic accident misery

Although it was undoubtedly wet and windy, December was an exceptional and record-breaking month weather-wise. For most of December, the UK benefitted from a warm and tropical air mass which brought unseasonably mild conditions to England and Wales. This seems to have lulled some drivers into a false sense of security as January has seen a bit of a rude awakening with a cold snap bringing ice and fog to our highways which has in turn resulted in a surge in road traffic accidents (RTA’s).

Accidents can happen at any time but they are more likely to happen during busy periods such as rush hour and also when road conditions are bad with poor visibility and slippery surfaces.  Drivers should slow down and make allowances for potential hazards by creating greater stopping distances between their car and the car in front but the reality is that many drivers don’t.

To highlight this issue there is the example in Staffordshire and Cheshire where Police were called to 22 RTA’s ( road traffic accidents) overnight.  The drop in temperatures and unsettled weather prompted Staffordshire and Cheshire police to issue warnings on social media to be careful in snowy conditions.  

However, Staffordshire Police were called to 7 road traffic collisions in one night whilst Cheshire police dealt with 15 accidents!  Driving in snowy, icy conditions with bad visibility, such as fog, can be very risky.  Many drivers do not moderate their driving style to allow for the potential dangers and that is how car accidents happen.

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