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Chinese man awarded compensation for wrongful inprisonment

A Chinese man who served an 11 year jail term after a wrongful conviction of fraud has been handed a compensation payout of 825,000 yuan (£81,400) his lawyer has confirmed.

Compensation was awarded to the 39-year-old for loss of freedom and emotional and psychological damages.

The money was given to him by a Guangdong court.

The wrongly convicted man was arrested in 1999 and given a life-sentence 12 months later. He was acquitted and released in 2010.

The man, who worked for a construction company, delivering cheques issued by his clients to suppliers, told a local paper how some of the cheques bounced so the suppliers took legal action and sued him.

The State-run newspaper Global Times confirmed that the compensation sum was “one of the highest in the country”.

The man’s payout for loss of freedom was calculated from his daily earnings and the rest from the psychological distress caused.

Beijing based rights lawyer Lui Xiaoyuan told the BBC that the significant factor in this case was the amount of compensation paid for psychological distress was clearly set out:

“Compensation for mental distress should be far higher than the economic losses resulting from the lost freedom.”

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