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Chesters Countess Hospital misses cancer treatment target

The Countess of Chester Hospital is one of a number of hospitals who failed to reach their NHS cancer treatment target for 85% of patients to receive treatment within 62 days of an urgent GP referral.

The Hospital missed the target by nearly 10% in the second quarter of 2014 after only 117 patients out of 155 started their treatments within the 62 days.

The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust received a spot check from the CQC, Care Quality, back in February 2103 where it passed all 5 of the essential standards but it clear that Hospitals remain under scrutiny in terms of their speed of provision for cancer treatment. The speed of diagnosis and treatment can have a huge effect on success rates of certain cancers.

The Commission Countess of Chester deputy chief executive Mark Brandreth said:
“We are working closely with our GP colleagues as it is important that when they suspect a patient has cancer that we get the patient into the system as quickly as possible.”

If you feel your cancer diagnosis has been delayed either through GP or hospital negligence and it has effected the success of your treatment then you need to contact our specialist solicitors now.  We can listen to your case and help you find out if you have a viable medical negligence claim.  Contact us now on 0800 1979 345 or complete our enquiry form.


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