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Cheshire Solicitors See Rise in Accident at Work Claims

Health and safety is as prominent as it has ever been in the workplace, however there is simply no way of eliminating accidents completely.

In this country there are many dangerous lines of work which you would naturally expect accidents in. These include such sectors as manufacturing where heavy and powerful machinery is being used, the construction and building sector where people are working in high or dangerous locations and in the agricultural sector where highly dangerous machinery is used every day without much supervision.

Although we may not be surprised to hear about the dangers of working in these sectors, unfortunately accidents in the workplace don’t stop there. The reality is that accidents happen in all kinds of places of work from offices to restaurants and banks etc. Sometimes these accidents are the fault of the individual but sometimes they are the fault of the employer.

We understand that perusing a legal case against your place at work can be a daunting prospect and it may put you off completely, however here at Thorneycroft Solicitors we have seen a significant rise in the number of you taking on your place of work and successfully claiming compensation.

As we offer a free initial assessment of all cases, getting in touch with us is a completely stress and worry free step towards starting a compensation claim.

Our specialist team will guide you through your case at your own pace and eliminate any concerns that you may have.

You will be under no pressure to make a commitment to the case and you will not be pushed at a pace which you are not comfortable with.

If you feel you are ready to start a compensation claim against your workplace contact us today on freephone 0800 1979 345.