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Charity manager wins unfair dismissal case

The former manager of a charity can now rebuild her career after winning her case against unfair dismissal.

A tribunal found that the victim unfairly lost her last year and she was awarded a total of £9,446.20 in compensation.

The woman was handed a letter in July last year informing her she had been suspended. But the letter, signed by the charity’s new chairman, did not give her any clear reason, just that allegations had been made.

He requested she attend a meeting in August, but the association’s solicitor advised her not to attend, and he wrote to Mr Manning telling him she was not going.

A month later in September, she still had not been told the outcome of the meeting, and when she emailed Mr Manning, asking to know if she still had her job, she was told she had “dismissed herself” by not attending.

The judge at the hearing said it was a “ruthless dismissal and no procedures whatsoever were followed”.

“Now the case is over I feel I can walk through the High Street with my head held high. I want my name cleared,” she said.

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