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An elderly woman makes complaint against hospital for botched eye surgery

A woman has been left partially sighted after a routine cataract operation went wrong leaving her with an air bubble in one eye.  The 74-year-old woman had already had one eye operated on back in 2005 which was a successful surgery and so was in hospital to have the procedure on the other eye.

After undergoing the cataract operation, the woman felt that something was not right as she was in a lot more pain post op than with her previous operation.  She complained to her surgeon at the time who allegedly advised her that any air bubbles left in her eye would naturally disperse.

This was not the case and she continued to suffer excruciating pain after the operation.

“It felt busy in the waiting room the morning of my procedure and I got the impression they were in a rush.

“Another woman came out after me told us she had been so long because the surgeon had to remove an air bubble he’d inserted and it made me question why mine had been left in and I’d been told it would naturally disperse.

“I could barely stand up and couldn’t bear the light,” “To be told that there was nothing wrong with my eye after all of that made me feel terrible.”

After returning to the hospital again, due to excessive pain, it was discovered that the air bubble was creating pressure in her eye and doctors had to carry out emergency surgery to reduce the pressure and save the eye.  Unfortunately, the damage had been done and she is now left with only partial vision in her left eye.

“I now rely on ……. to help me if I want to go and visit my family or grandchildren, I’ve had to give up the things I love and now face losing the vision in my other eye which is terrifying.

The botched eye surgery has meant she can no longer drive a car as her ability to judge distance and depth is severely impaired and she also can no longer do the things she enjoyed in her retirement such as gardening and sewing due to limited vision.

“I just want other people who find themselves in a situation like mine to question their treatment and not to accept what doctors are telling them.

“You put all of your trust in them because they are experts but like my case proves, sometimes they are far from right.”

A Hospital spokesperson said: “On behalf of the Trust I would like to convey my sincere apologies for the injury to ……… left eye and subsequent partial loss of her vision.

Opthalmic negligence covers a range of areas including:

    • Cataracts
    • Retinal detachment
    • Laser eye treatment
    • Glaucoma
    • Opthalmic tumours

Pursuing an ophthalmic negligence claim is highly specialised field. Whether you have experienced delayed treatment resulting in late referral by your GP or local optician; or inadequate or negligent treatment at an eye hospital or private clinic, it is important to find the right solicitor.

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