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Care home cruelty revealed by BBC Panorama Programme

When we are too old and frail to look after ourselves it is likely that we will end up in a care home where we will rely on strangers to care for us both physically and emotionally.

Sadly, stories about abuse and poor care in care homes (private or state run) are all too common and the BBC Panorama program has highlighted how, even under the scrutiny of professional standards agencies, poor practice continues.

Secret Panorama filming at a care home in Essex shows how some staff taunted, slapped and roughly handled vulnerable, elderly residents. The care home, which charges £700 a week, has received complaints by 11 whistleblowers up to August 2012 and was placed under special measures by Essex County Council. If it was under scrutiny after allegations of poor care and mistreatment then why was the abuse still continuing?

The Care Quality Commission figures reveal that more than a third of Care Homes in the UK have received warnings due to poor care and failing to reach the most basic of standards!

As a result of the BBCs undercover investigation, one staff member has been sacked and seven have been suspended. A spokesperson for the home said it was

“shocked and saddened by the allegations”.

The footage shows a care worker slapping a resident with dementia (who was also partially paralysed by a stroke). The same vulnerable resident is filmed being mocked and taunted by a number of other staff members and the footage also showed cries for assistance going unanswered by terminally ill patients and resident with chronic illness who were left in their own excrement for hours at a time.

Poor care is unacceptable in private or NHS institutions. If you think you know someone who has received unacceptable care by members of staff then contact our specialist solicitors now on FREEPHONE 0800 1979 345. They will listen to you and help acertain if you or a loved one are entitled to medical negligence compensation. It is important to highlight poor practice to prevent further pain and distress being caused to others.

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